Dr. Peers has extensive teaching experience and is a regular speaker at national conferences in Womens Health and Contraception. She also teaches on a one on one basis in her NHS clinics.



Dr. Peers regularly lectures to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals on Contraception and the Menopause.

She is passionate about communicating the latest innovations and recommendations in this field.

She regularly conducts masterclasses in intrauterine contraceptive techniques for experienced practitioners.

Dr. Peers is involved in training other doctors in how to remove deep lost implants under ultrasound vision.

She has given lectures at conferences in Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and China.


Training & Mentorship

Dr. Peers is a trainer for the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and for the British Menopause Society.

She has been involved in training doctors for the DFSRH, LOC Med, LOC IUD & LOC SDI.

She also trains pharmacists in the provision of emergency contraception and specialist doctors in the removal of deep implants.

She provides mentorship and clinical governance support for doctors who work with her in The Menopause Clinic at Tillow Barn.



“I believe that we must all work together to dispel the myths and misperceptions about the menopause and HRT. The Menopause should be a time of freedoms and development for women. They should not be burdened with multiple symptoms that can impact negatively on their lives and ability to cope, and ultimately on their future health and well-being. I want to empower women to feel well now and into the future.”