Dr. Peers has a particular interest in counselling women in the menopause and HRT.


Dr. Peers regularly attends the British Menopause Society meetings and is passionate that women should receive accurate, up-to-date information about the benefits of HRT, which improves their quality of life and long-term health. She is often asked to lecture on menopause management.

Dr. Peers sees women privately for menopause counselling at The Menopause Clinic at Tillow Barn (opening soon), Clare Park Hospital Farnham, North Downs Hospital Caterham, Gatwick Park Hospital in Horley, and at Hormone Health at 92 Harley Street London.

The Menopause Clinic at Tillow Barn

In the Autumn of 2019 Dr. Peers is planning to open a Menopause Clinic at the beautiful country location of Tillow Barn in Brockham.

“I want women to be able to access clear counselling and effective treatment for the menopause. I have helped thousands of women over the years, but I am very aware that there are many more women who struggle daily, and unnecessarily, with hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, tearfulness and anxiety. I want as many women as possible to access services, which are unfortunately, currently inadequately provided by the NHS. Therefore, in addition to working in my current locations, I will open this lovely clinic at Tillow Barn, to work in collaboration with other like-minded doctors to bring good health to even more women in the Home Counties. No referral will be necessary. I will oversee all the cases and we will have regular meetings to discuss cases, update clinically and work as a team. We will give our patients time, to listen to them and then explain fully all their options and answer all their questions. Women can self-refer and will be able to book online.'“

HRT post Breast cancer

“This is an area of particular interest for me, as I have personal experience of this condition. When I became menopausal, following treatment for breast cancer, I was desperate to be able to go on HRT as I felt so ‘out-of-sorts’, so unlike myself, with no energy and no vitality. I researched the evidence and data on recurrence rates for women in my situation, spoke to key opinion leaders all over the World and sought as much expert opinion as I could. I went on HRT and immediately felt like I had ‘come back’. Thank goodness! I had so much work to do helping other women and so had to be firing on all cylinders!

I care for many patients who, after full discussion and information on the data available for women on HRT post breast cancer, and after special consideration of their particular case, decide to go on HRT and improve the quality of their lives. As we now, thankfully, cure over 90% of early breast cancers, the vast majority of women survive this condition and then face the challenges of the menopause. I see many women at our clinic at Chelsea and Westminster, as well as in my private practice, who, like me, after considered thought, decide to take HRT.”

For those interested in reading more about the evidence Dr. Peers would recommend a recent publication:

Oestrogen Matters by Dr. Avrum Bluming and Carol Tavris - a Platkus publication.

Dr. Bluming was interviewed by Jenni Murray on Womans Hour on 31st October 2018 where he discusses the evidence and data that supports the safety of HRT use in women and in women post breast cancer. Listen to the programme here:

How long can a woman stay on HRT?

NICE guidelines in Menopause Management were published in November 2015. There is a section Called ‘information for the public.’ It states that women can ask their GP for HRT and if necessary ask to be referred to a menopause Specialist. Women can also self-refer to us.

It also states that there is no arbitrary limit to the length of time a woman can stay on HRT. She should be supported in her decision to continue on the therapy if she so desires.

(We know that women who stay on HRT have, on average, an increased life expectancy of 3.5 years. Good news indeed!)

Pharmacy services and HRT availability

We are constantly hearing that certain types of HRT are unavailable and difficult to obtain. We use an online pharmacy, The Independent Pharmacy, who can dispense private and NHS prescriptions.

There are currently many stock issues with HRT products in the UK. Here is a list of the HRT that is currently available (26th June 2019):

  • Androfeme - in stock

  • Duavive - in stock

  • Elleste (all tablets and patches) - out of stock

  • Estraderm MX (all strengths) - in stock

  • Estradot 50, 75 & 100 - in stock

  • Estradot 25, 37.5 - out of stock

  • Evorel 75 & 100, Conti, Sequi - in stock

  • Evorel 25 & 50 - out of stock

  • Femseven 25, 50, 75 & 100 - in stock

  • Femseven Sequi & Conti - out of stock

  • Femoston - in stock

  • Indivina 1/2.5mg & 1/5mg - in stock

  • Indivina 2/5mg - out of stock

  • Oestrogel - in stock

  • Premarin (all strengths) - in stock

  • Premique Low Dose - in stock

  • Progynova (1mg & 2mg tabs) - in stock

  • Provera - in stock

  • Utrogestan - in stock

From a patient...

Six months ago I was at rock bottom with little quality of life, struggling to perform at work because of severe sleep deprivation, miserable, fatigued, and not a nice person to be around.

I had been suffering with ever increasing menopause symptoms for 18 months. I used to ask myself regularly how could something supposed to be natural make me feel like I have a terminal illness? My GP had said no to HRT because of a medical complaint that I believed to be questionable. My sheer persistence and non acceptance of the decision took me on an amazing journey. I met Dr. Tina Peers. I was listened to and made to feel that I was right to expect quality of life. I was thrown a lifeline - Dr. Peers gave me my life back.

I was started on HRT immediately, monitored and followed up with individual interest and concern. Within 3-4 weeks of treatment my symptoms had all but disappeared. 5 months down the line life is great, home life is back on track, I sleep normally am happy and look forward to a long life. I belong to a gym again and have taken up rowing. I have Dr. Tina Peers to thank for her care and attention and giving me my life back.
— Gill