Histamine Intolerance

An inherited condition that causes chronic ill-health and multiple symptoms from IBS to urticaria.


Introduction to Histamine Intolerance (HIT)

“I have personal experience of this challenging condition as my youngest daughter has suffered from symptoms caused by Histamine Intolerance since birth. We only diagnosed the condition in 2016 after a particularly severe episode caused by eating super-foods in an attempt to try to ‘feel better’.”

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Symptoms of HIT

HIT is a genetic condition resulting in a Diamine Oxidase deficiency-the enzyme that reduces histamine in the body. The toxic build up of histamine in the body results in inflammation affecting all systems. This results in multiple, seemingly unrelated, symptoms.

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Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD)

High levels of histamine can also cause the Mast Cells to become sensitive and release even more histamine into the body. This is Mast Cell Activation Disorder and responds to mast cell stabilisers. This occurs in about 20% of people with Histamine Intolerance.

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