Dr. Peers has over 35 years of experience in womens’ health.


Contraception and Reproductive Health

“Working as a GP I saw mostly women for both contraception and for Menopausal symptoms. It was then a very natural move for me to work solely in womens’ health, qualifying as a Consultant in Contraception and Reproductive Health in 1996 and then being recognised as a Menopause Specialist in 2017 by the British Menopause Society.

I feel very privileged to have worked with some fantastic staff in the Sexual Health Department in Surrey, being the Clinical Director of the Contraception Services for 24 years. It was a great challenge to develop the services across the county and we enjoyed many successes especially in the development of Young peoples contraception and sexual health services, reducing the teenage pregnancy rate and termination rates significantly.

As the Consultant I saw many complex cases and developed my skills in Intrauterine contraception and the retrieval of deep and lost implants. I received referrals from the whole of Surrey, and often from Kent, Sussex and Hampshire.

I left my position as Clinical Director in April 2018 in order to concentrate more on providing Menopause Services to women in Surrey and also in London.”


Menopause Clinics

“I am very fortunate to work in one of the leading Menopause Clinics in the NHS, at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, with Mr Nick Panay. We receive referrals from all over the country, especially of the most complex cases (women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and severe PMS also attend). This has given me a wealth of experience in this specialty.

I now also work with Mr Panay privately at 92 Harley Street.


My latest project is to grow and develop a Menopause Clinic at Tillow Barn, in Brockham, working with associate doctors. Together we can help even more women to navigate the menopause and maintain good health now and in the future. Patients will be able to book online. We also hope to offer contraceptive advice. The Associates have all been trained by me and I will oversee all the cases.”



Vasectomy Services

“I do also see men, for vasectomies, having developed my own modified No-Scalpel Vasectomy technique, which I feel gives superior postoperative recovery. I have now performed over 3000 of these procedures and have a zero haematoma rate.”

Dr. Peers performs vasectomies at Clare Park Hospital, Gatwick Park Hospital and North Downs Hospital.


Cosmetic Aesthetics Practice

“In 2004 I started to train in Cosmetic Aesthetics, an area of my private practice which I particularly enjoy.

It is extremely satisfying helping boost a persons’ confidence by enhancing their looks - helping them look less tired and more refreshed. I perform botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic acid fillers, and collagen-boosting treatments such as Sculptra and Profhilo. The skill is to appear like a ‘special effect’ - invisible but effective!”

Dr. Peers provides this service at Clare Park Hospital Farnham, at Tillow Barn Brockham, and at The Centre for Health in Horley.



“For years I have been involved in the teaching, training and lecturing of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. I have become a key opinion leader in the field of womens' health and am on National and Global advisory boards for various pharmaceutical companies.

In 2010 I was a founding member of the INTRA group. This was composed of ten global experts in intra-uterine contraception. We conducted research, wrote articles and published papers on the use of intra-uterine contraception - particularly in nulliparous women (women who haven't had any children). We also held regular teaching workshops for doctors all across Europe.


I have featured in teaching and training videos on various websites, and am published frequently in both the medical and national press. I can also be seen speaking at global conferences, having spoken in Europe, South Africa, and China.”


Media Work

“I had a supportive role in the writing of Andrea Macleans’ book ‘Confessions of a Menopausal Woman’, having written the medical section at the end of each chapter. This was published in July 2018. I can be seen discussing menopausal matters with Andrea on her website - many women find this very informative and helpful to watch.”




From a patient…

“Just a quick note to thank you for the guidance, support and care you've provided to me during my journey through to the menopause and beyond. I feel very grateful to have had such a dynamic advocate for HRT, women, and their health, at my side. The joyful way you approach this time of life and the positive role model you set has always been incredibly uplifting to me. Thanks as well for the expert eye and gentle approach you take with the cosmetic aesthetic side of your practice. The results are always so natural looking and self esteem enhancing. You're a priceless asset to all women but I feel especially blessed to call you my doctor. Please continue to spread the word about how important HRT is to our good health - it's improved mine, immensely!”